Blockout Diary 1

Posted on May 25, 2021

So… there’s yet another pet project on the horizon. There wasn’t a lot of spare time during the last year with another baby in the house, but things calm down a little lately (finally some sleep!) so I thought about getting back to some coding in the evenings. While I almost decided to drop everything and not bother fiddling around with stuff anymore and spend time with other things I enjoy, I still like to do a little coding here and there. That being said, I will jump between Papertrail and Tranquil as these are tools I really want for myself and can’t find anything that fits my needs. Meanwhile the Pandemic struck and I needed yet another tool I think I could build myself. It’s called Blockout for the time being and I’ll try to opensource it once it’s ready. It’s for the Mac and I will also try to sell it on the App Store. But oh well… intentions, intentions… I have lots of other things in my head, my other side projects sitting around and I won’t forget about my family 😉 So, this is no commitment whatsoever. I still don’t want the burden or any pressure of projects I want to have fun with.

As with my other projects, I’ll try to keep a diary about Blockout here. As with my other projects, it will probably be sporadic and dry out for longer periods of time. As with my other projects, I’ll keep quiet about its purpose, while sharing some internals about the process of building it. But: it’s there, I’ll work on it, and I’ll see where it goes. I’ll also restart working on the other two projects as my need for them really just increases over time and I get annoyed more and more that it takes such a long time.

I think I fell of the statistics train while working on Tranquil but I’ll try to keep some code stats around every now and then like I wanted to with Papertrail. I already started working on this a little a while back, did some research and started with some basic unit testing, so there’s not much of productive code there yet. But it’s a good start.

34 text files.
32 unique files.                              
 3 files ignored. v 1.88  T=0.04 s (778.5 files/s, 28354.1 lines/s)
Language                     files          blank        comment           code
XML                             12              0              0            324
Swift                           16            144            294            393
JSON                             3              0              0             75
SUM:                            31            144            294            792