Tranquil Diary 6

Posted on Sep 6, 2020

Vacation means some time to continue working on my projects. Things got dragged a little again in recent weeks, but I think I can get back some momentum here.

Considering the limited time I have at the moment, I decided to port the underpinnings of the old project. I wanted to build everything from scratch again, but it turns out that most of the code only needed small changes to be current. It’s basically just some updated Swift syntax, some new naming and API conventions and some changes in my personal coding taste. Another good thing: I have everything unit tested already. I used the BDD style unit testing frameworks Quick and Nimble in the past. I really liked the testing style back then and I really still do. But I sometimes had trouble, especially during Xcode beta phases, being unable to unit test because the frameworks were not up to date with the latest syntax changes. So a while back I decided to go back to XCTest everywhere and so I ported all the unit tests. This also helped me getting back to actually understand what I did back then 😉 Plus, it pointed me to a real issue with my new project that I was able to quickly fix instead of searching for ages. Another advantage of unit tests.

So… things are back running, a big part of old code is now ported to the new app and is still working. Now there’s a little more code to port and then integration to the SwiftUI can start. Things are looking good so far 👍