Tranquil Diary 5

Posted on Jul 23, 2020

Slow week in terms of Tranquil, because private life was a little busy the last couple of days. But full steam ahead! I planned to take a look at the underpinnings of the initial version of Tranquil I started four years ago. I knew I was far in development, but I forgot exactly how far I was. I think the app was about 90% ready. Now, there was a lot of design missing, the icon was crappy (and let’s face it, it will probably still be crappy in this new version), not everything was polished and in-app purchase needed further testing. But wow, did I put a lot of effort into this project. Why in the name of the seven gods did I abandon it at this stage? I checked the dates… it was right around the time my partner got pregnant, so I guess some things were slightly more important after that 😉 But really, this occupies my mind since 4 years… I was nearly done… and still: I’m starting fresh. I won’t take too much of the old code. Even though it looks pretty good, I think I want to do things differently now.

Comparing it directly to SwiftUI shows the power of this new framework. UIKit is incredibly verbose and needs so much typing. SwiftUI is just slick. What needed several classes and indirections and protocols in the old version to keep it clean, comes down to just a small View and one or two bindings. It’s glorious!

While going through the old project I also remembered a couple of small details and corner stones, also in terms of my overall project plan, that will help and convinced me that I still have to actually write everything down in detail. If only for me to remember and get it out of the system to not always have to remember every little detail.

It was nearly done, it was a textbook project… widgets, share extensions, good modularity and reuse, unit tests from top to bottom. I did a great job back then! I can only hope it will become even better now.