Tranquil Diary 2

Posted on Jul 11, 2020

No time to code, but I thought some more about the overall structure of Tranquil today. I knew I still needed the entrance to the app. Not just setup of all kinds, but the thing it does actually needs a switch to flip somewhere. But all in all my thoughts were too complex all the time. I wanted to set up a whole rule-based system about the circumstances in which it should be done or not. This made it hard for me to find an easy way to accomplish what I actually wanted to do. I went back to the drawing board and scribbled a couple of options for my missing Home screen. It only needed a few iterations and some comments to make me realize I was once again in a rabbit hole of features. Features that made everything complicated. What I set out to build is already complicated enough that I’m sure most users won’t understand how it works and why they would even need it. I don’t want to make it even more complicated by adding some features only real power users would need. These power users probably don’t even exist amongst the 2 or 3 people that will probably download this app. And if they do, I can still go in and add whatever pro-level features there might be. There will probably be lots of informative text during the initial setup/intro and while I know this is not optimal for an app’s first run experience, I know that this is the best way to make the app useful in any way. Users might not even read it, but I feel better to at least give the option to understand what’s going on in case anybody should bother to RTFM. For now, I will keep everything relatively simple, at least I’ll try so. This not only is a benefit to the user, but also for my timeline and the probability of finally getting this thing out the door some time later this year.