Development Diaries

Posted on May 2, 2018

I’ve wanted to share some progress about my ongoing projects for a long time. Ever since I read the Diaries1 on Brent Simmons’ blog, providing insights in progress and struggles in his projects as well as valuable advice, I thought to myself that I should do something similar. There will probably be much less valuable advice, but I hope to solve some of my struggles by writing about them.

So… there will be a development diary for my pet projects. There are currently two apps I try to work on whenever I find some time to concentrate on them – which is not very much time, to be honest. I’m not sure if they will ever come to an end and find their way into the app store. That’s one reason why I try to stay a bit vague about what those projects are all about. I will not make a huge effort to keep it top secret, I just don’t want to be pinned down on finishing and publishing and asked about the progress all the time.

There’s a lot more to make an app successful than just the coding and those parts will be the main reason for me to not go into the app store (but that’s a whole discussion on its own). My motivation to build those apps is that I really want them for myself. I actually need them in my daily life, and there is nothing that either works the way I want or is not unusable to me. Those apps sit in a pretty niche market, so I wouldn’t get rich with them… just one more reason to keep everything calm and don’t put too much pressure on myself. But: I also don’t want to be overtaken again by someone who’s working on exactly the same stuff, but has magnitudes of available time more than I do. It’s a hobby and I want it to stay that way. If anyone should find out what I’m working on: congratulations! If not, that’s also fine. It really does not matter at all, but I think there will be enough to talk about in general when working on an app which does not 100% require anyone to know what the app is about.

That’s where I want to go and explore. It’s those parts that are always hard for me and were always a huge demotivation in the past. I’ll try to improve on this front and by asking myself some hard questions and writing about them and the progress I made, it will only help me to go beyond the wall I sometimes ran into in the past. The start will be to write a bit about the first steps for both projects, one of which is already existent since quite some time but needs a major overhaul, and the second one which will be a whole new project for me.

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